When customers can see your site is secure, more stay and shop.

Placing a Sectigo TrustLogo on your website can increase visitor trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.

Why do I need a trusted site seal?

SSL Secure Site Seal

If you accept credit cards online or ask users to log into an account, you need to display that your site is secure.

A trusted site seal from a 3rd party can often be the difference between making a sale or not. For maximum benefit, the seal should be placed prominently throughout your site but especially on login pages and purchasing pages.

The brand your customers trust

Trust Logo Login

Sectigo security software is installed on over 40 million home computers and mobile devices worldwide, meaning the Sectigo name already associated with security in the minds of your customer base.

Why not leverage this recognition to build extra trust into your own site?

Active Reporting

Site Seal Activation Statistics

It is all well and good for providers to say that your visitors are verifying your credentials but it is quite another thing to prove it.

Sectigo gives you the proof you want by day, by week by month. Our TrustLogo comes with reporting built in that you can check when you want as often as you need.

"No click" verifiable trust

Comodo Secure Site Seal

Extra clicks are disruptive to the conversion process. So imagine the disruption if, to verify your credentials, a customer has to click on the logo and then go to another site.

With Trustlogo's 'Point-to-verify' technology, customers simply and elegantly mouse-over the logo to view your identity and security credentials.