Point to Verify®

TrustLogo® - Design Selection and Installation

Comodo offers two versions of TrustLogo®. The Corner of Trust utilizes a floating design and will remain in a fixed position in the lower right corner of your website (learn more). The standard TrustLogo® is primarily intended as an inline design that can be freely placed anywhere on your webpage (choose the 'white background' version). Customers that wish to deploy the standard TrustLogo® in 'floating' (fixed position) mode should select the 'transparent background' version.

Please choose the version most suited to your website and personal preference.

Step 1: Download your choice of TrustLogo® image

Standard TrustLogo®

Download (zip)

(Alternatively, right click on the image of your choice and 'save as...')

Step 2: Copy the image to the relevant images folder on your web server - for example (Please do not hotlink to the images above. You must upload the .gif to your own web server)

Step 3: Install the Trust Logo on your website
Our online wizard will instantly generate the HTML needed to correctly implement the TrustLogo® into each webpage for which you plan to display your secure and authentic status.

Click here to install a standard TrustLogo®